There is something about the thought of being able to watch movies online just with my computer.  It's a beautiful thing, me in my underwear, eating snacks and drinking sodas that didn't cost me over $30, and a movie streaming from my computer for free.  It's like a good 1 night stand, no strings attached!  Just you, your Internet connection and the free movie of your choice.

I know your thinking, "isn't that illegal"?  Well, I'm not condoning you doing illegal activities and illegal movie downloads, but.........


Most sites don't "host" files due to illegal disputes, but they contain links to sources where you can get your hands dirty so to speak.  But, aside from the illegal sites, there are other sites that are more genuine, providing movies with the attribution of the movie producer(s).

So having said that, if you don't like having dirty hands, I would suggest that you check the sources and attribution of the sites below before you make your move.

This website comes highly recommended by the users of the virtual world.  Tube + provides full length TV shows and movies online for free.  They also have a great collection of movie trailers and reviews you can click through, and it's DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) approved!



Movies, TV shows and music, 1 Channel has it all!  This is one of the websites I spoke of where they don't actually host movies, TV shows or music files online, but instead link you out to sources for what you're looking for.  This one will get your hands dirty! But, it's a reliable source for finding the movie, TV show or music you are on the hunt for.  And they are constantly adding new sources, so there is something new all day, every day!



Movies 2k comes highly recommended by a personal friend of mine, Oscar The Intern.  He said he's used it to watch several movies, and has even watched the new Amazing Spider Man 3 times on this free online movie source!  The logistics on this website are sketchy, so I would proceed with caution if I were you.  But with the recommendation coming from Oscar, I have no doubt that this will be a good source to catch all the new flicks your after!


NyooTV is a loved source for free movies online, especially those that are all about Hindi Movies!  They call that Bollywood.  This is by far the top website for those movie fans!



Yep, Youtube has a movie channel, and this is one of those legit sources, guaranteed not to get you in trouble as it's another DMCA approved site!  It's not the best movie selection by any means, but it's free and legal!


What do you need to watch movies online?


In order to watch the vast majority of movies, TV shows, or listen to music online, you need a good player.  Real Player is always a good choice!  It's a free video player for all major formats like AVI, MP4 and so many more files!

But I must tell you, install it at your own risk!  I assume no liability if you install and a virus or something crazy like that takes over your computer!

In the midst of researching sources for free online movies, I literally stumbled across a blog that has about 10 great sources you can check out for free online movies!  Big shout out to Stumble Upon for sharing such a great article!  If your not a member of Stumble Upon, you need to create an account, because they always have some great stuff on the website!