My hats off to Angel Dee who made the cut with some of Amarillo's best radio DJ's to be featured in Amarillo Magazine's "Beyond the Microphone" article!  The article gives viewers a behind the scenes look into the job of day-time personalities.  "Why do they work in radio?  What do they do every day?"  Are just a few questions asked by Amarillo Magazine in the article.

It's actually a pretty interesting read to see how some people ended up in the radio business, even for me, someone who knows all these great people.

Amarillo Magazine

Angel Dee

Amy DeLeon Garcia, better known as Angel Dee to her listeners, didn’t intend to fall in love with broadcasting. However, being forbidden to watch TV as a child, the presence of radio and Tejano music in her Littlefield home was profound.

“I just love music. I love everything about it,” says the proud wife and mother of one. “I can’t sing. I don’t have any kind of talent with musical instruments so I was like, ‘What can I do to where I’m around music all the time?’”

With 96.9 KISS FM since its creation four years ago, Angel received her associate’s degree at South Plains College. Initially studying accounting, Angel took one telecommunications and broadcasting class at South Plains and immediately had a change of heart, leading her to West Texas A&M University where she completed her four-year degree in mass communications.

AM: What was your first time on-air like?
AD: It’s funny to me because if we’re at a live broadcast people will be like, "Put me on the air. Put me on the air." Then you put the mic in front of them and they freeze, and I remember that’s how I felt when I first started. But now, it’s just part of my daily life.

AM:What is the strangest call or request you’ve received while working in radio?
AD:I get asked out on dates all the time. One of the funniest things is this guy, I believe he was from Dumas, would call me every week asking me if I wanted to take a ride on his tractor.

AM:What’s your biggest on-air blunder?
AD:It was around the time when Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” came out and everybody was constantly calling in and requesting it. I was so tired of it and one time I screamed, 'I’m so sick of this song!' but had accidently left the microphone on. You always think that your listeners are going to get upset but when that happened most of the calls I received, they were just laughing with me.

AM:What do you like about Amarillo?
AD:I really love Amarillo. When I first moved to WT, I didn’t plan on staying in Amarillo. I wanted to go back to the Lubbock area just because of the Tejano music. But as I was going to school I fell in love with Amarillo, the people, just everything about it.

AM:Tell me something your listeners don’t know about you.
AD:I can cook just about anything, but I won’t eat it. I would rather have dessert than food. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I always go for dessert first even if I’m out with my family. I hardly ever eat any vegetables, but I sure can cook them up.

AM:Where’s the coolest place that this job has taken you?
AD:The different little towns around here. Before I moved here I didn’t know anything about any of these small towns. They’re really interesting when you go travel and see the different people and places. Each little town has a little secret that is just amazing.

AM:What’s your favorite book?
AD:“Rose Madder” by Stephen King.

AM:What are your fears or phobias?
AD:It’s kind of embarrassing. I am totally freaked out by worms. They freak me out! Everything about them.

AM:What’s your greatest achievement professionally?
AD:Giving back. We do something every year called the Radiothon raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Knowing that you can get on the air and use your voice to raise money to help find a cure or make [the children’s] stay easier makes a difference.

AM:Who inspires you?
AD:My mom. For most of my life she raised five kids on her own. She had to work two jobs to make ends meet and she never complained about anything. If we needed her for anything, she was always there. To this day, if I need help with something, she’ll come down and help me and talk me through a bad situation. She’s my rock.

AM:What’s your favorite album of all time?
AD:It would have to be George Strait’s “50 Number Ones” just because it reminds me so much of my mom.

AM:Who is the most famous person you’ve met through this industry?
AD:Carlos Mencia. I’ve talked to Pit Bull on the phone. You see all these fans coming up to you like, "Oh my gosh, you’re Angel Dee." And then when the big celebrities come in that’s you, "Oh my gosh, it’s Pit Bull." It’s kind of a like a role reversal.

AM:Who is your favorite musician?
AD:Pit Bull. I just like his high energy and how when he comes on stage he’s always dressed so nice… It just gets you in that mood where you’re ready to work out or dance around.

AM:Do you have any hidden talents?
AD:I’m very, very good at crocheting and embroidering.

Yeah, bet you never guessed that Angel worked at a tejano radio station did you?  Even more, she holds a degree in Mass Communication!

If you've ever thought about being a radio personality or ever wondered what we do day in and day out, this is a great read for you!  Big thanks to Amarillo Magazine for featuring one of the DJ's from this little radio station called KISS-FM!

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