We all love freebies, especially for our wonderful children. There are many restaurants here in Amarillo that offer free meals for kids! I did all the research for you, enjoy.

  • Kids Eat Free on Sundays

    Sunday begins a new week and here to offer free food for kids is an old favorite. I-hop at 2100 S. Western and 1711 I-10 East will let kids 12 and younger eat free from 4-8 pm.

    Courtesy of facebook.com
  • Kids Eat Free on Mondays

    Monday is said to be one of the worst days of the week.  We have to return to both school and/or work.  A good deal could make all the difference.  Well then head out to Mr. Gattis, 4412 S. Western.  On Mondays, kids 12 and under eat free from 5 pm to close.  Everyone loves pizza!  But if you want a more sit down and server place then Monday is your lucky day!  This is the day that Ruby Tequilas, at 2001 S. Georgia and 3616 Soncy,  lets the kids eat for free.

    Courtesy of Mr. Gattis on Facebook.com
  • Kids Eat Free on Tuesday

    Another day another free kids meal!  Tuesday is the best day out of the week to take advantage of Kids Eat Free because there is so many choices.  Jason's Deli, 34th and Coulter, will let kids eat free after 4pm.  It's a fast way to feed the family, but with a great taste.  Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, 8720 I-40 West, lets kids 10 and under eat free all day!  Another place that lets kids eat free all day is Hooters, 8101 I-40 West.  Great food, fun atmosphere and free food for the kiddos.  

    Courtesy of Red Robin on Facebook
  • Kids Eat Free On Wednesday

    Feeling the Mid-week blues?  Maybe Beef O' Brady's can help.  Located at 34th and Coulter, they allow kids to eat free from 4 pm to close.  Of course, you can also take advantage of I-Hop.

    courtesy of facebook.com
  • Kids Eat Free on Thursdays

    It's thirsty Thursday-oh wait we're talking about the kiddos.  Thursday feels like a Chop-Chop night, right?  Well Chop-chop Japanese Steakhouse at 3300 S. Coulter is allowing kids 12 and under to eat for free!  Now if you want something a little lighter and faster, then head over to 4510 S. Coulter because Chick-Fil-A (this location only) will be allowing kids to each free after 5 pm.  Yummy!  Now I don't really have to tell you this again, but I-Hop is hooking up free meals for the kids!

  • Kids Eat Free On Friday and Saturday

    During all my searching for places kids could eat for free, I found that no restaurants are willing to offer free meals for kids on Friday and Saturday.  Maybe it's because these are the days that most families treat themselves.  It's the end of the work week and most paydays are typically at the end of the week.  There is an exception, however.  I-Hop lets kids eat free every night of the week. 

    Courtesy of facebook.com