So Big Sean has a new song out called Guap, and if you're like me, you probably have no idea what the hell a guap is.  So, I did some research, listened to the song over and over again, and figured it out for myself and for everyone that was curious.

Guap is a slang term for money.  Basically, it's just a general word for a big stack of cash, more than $1,000.  Getting guap is saying you're getting a lot of cash.

Urban Dictionary:



Guapis NOT $1000.
Guap is referenced to any high amount of dollars, basically a general word for mad dough.
- I beat you fare and square in that race, now run that guap.
- I worked OT this week to get this guap.
Yes, when I'm confused about urban slang, I turn to what I consider to be the best source to find meanings, and that's Urban Dictionary.
The true meaning of guap is making big money.  In the song, Big Sean talks about how he's been working all year and how he just got his pay check.  There you go!  He's getting guap!
So, if you're making fat cash, you're getting guap.
I'm definitely not getting guap right now, in fact I'm getting the exact opposite.  I'm just a poor DJ trying to feed his wife, dogs and a cat.
***Warning, the video below has been deemed NSFW due to foul language!  For some reason, I can't find an edited version on Youtube.  So watch the following video at your own risk!  It is intended for mature audiences only!***