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Sometimes when the holidays roll around we are either too busy to cook a turkey, or just want to have a pro handle it for us. Well, in Amarillo, there are quite a few places to choose from if you are looking for someone to smoke your thanksgiving turkey. The only places I trust to smoke a good turkey are BBQ joints. I used to work at a place called “Gary's BBQ” back in the day (sadly they are closed now) and during the holiday's we would get slammed with people needing their turkeys smoked. Here is a list of some of the places that I would trust to smoke the all important Thanksgiving Turkey.


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Wesley's Bean Pot

6406 River Road – (806) 381-2893

$15 – Any Size – Bring In Early
Wesley's Bean Pot is known for BBQ. Whether you are looking for 'fall off the bone pork ribs', their 'hots' sausage link or a smoked turkey for the holidays, Wesley's will not disappoint. Years ago I had a friend bring in some ribs and hots from Wesley's and I was hooked. Since then, I normally pick up some ribs and hots for the holiday table at my In-Laws house and they are a huge hit. Wesley's has been in business for as long as I can remember and there is a reason for that, great bbq.


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Crazy Larry's BBQ

4315 Teckla Boulevard – (806) 359-3176

85 cents a pound
Crazy Larry's BBQ (Formerly Doug Henk's BBQ) has some great food, but are known for their ribs, at least in my mind. They have huge racks of ribs and are priced very nicely, as far as ribs go. I have been eating here for years. It's not only great food, but the guy that runs this place is a riot. One of the most friendly people in the city and an all around nice guy. The food is great, the atmosphere is fun and I would gladly hand 'Crazy Larry' my holiday turkey.


flickr-ddaarryynn (photo not from Henk's BBQ)


Henks BBQ

1508 South Grand Street – (806) 372-9011

95 cents a pound – Must Be Thawed
Henk's BBQ is a great little BBQ shack off of Grand Street and I-40. This place is tiny, but packs big punch. One of the Best Brisket and Sausage sandwiches in the panhandle if you asked me. The sauce they use is out of this world and I try to frequent this place as much as possible. This little BBQ joint has become somewhat of a staple in the Amarillo area. Normally if you bring up BBQ, someone will throw out the name Henk's. Better get in line if you're having your turkey smoked here. They are super busy around the holidays.


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Big Daddy's BBQ

400 East Hastings Avenue – (806) 383-9731

$12 Any Size
Big Daddy's BBQ is exactly what the name says. They have some really great BBQ and they make sure you get plenty of it. Located in River Road area, this place used to get ALL my business. Perfect place to wake up late and hit on a Saturday lunch with all the friends. If you love BBQ Sauce then you have got to head over here one afternoon. Of all the places that smoke holiday turkeys in the area, this easily makes the top 5.


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Robinson's BBQ

5920 Hillside Road – (806) 358-2194

$30 Any Size – Processed
While Robinson's BBQ may be on the more expensive side for having your turkey smoked, it's well worth it. They also sliced, carve and do all that stuff for you. You just pick it up and put it on the table. It's that simple. As far as their BBQ goes, some of the best in town! Just a little tip, their BBQ sauce is awesome. If you are in their area of Hillside and Bell and your stomach is growling, grab a quick chopped brisket sandwich with extra BBQ sauce. You won't regret it.