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My “Super” Uber Story
A few years before I was working here at Kiss-FM I started to drive for Uber. At first, it was just to make a few bucks. Then, I started to meet people with cool stories. Their stories made for great show prep. This is a story from the very first ride I gave.
Could This Be Amarillo’s New Favorite Christmas Song?
The Daily Mail did a story about a scientist from Boston who says he's engineered the perfect Christmas song, by studying what lyrics, tempo, vocals and musical key you need to make it a hit. The song he created is called "Love's Not Just Christmas". It is not bad. Is it the new …
D.B. Nyce Calls Tommy Wiseau For Tommy Wiseau Day
Oh, Hai! Today is a special day! Today is Tommy Wiseau Day! If you do not know who he is, he directed, wrote, starred and produced one of the worst movies in history. However, it has a cult following. Our very own, Charlie is one of his biggest fans. We did some searching and got a hold of Tommy&apo…

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