Spending Time With My Little Guy
I have been doing the single Dad thing for over a year now. It is hard being a radio personality and full-time parent. You do not truly understand what it's like being a single parent until you have done it yourself.
The Magic School Is Back With Ms. Frizzle And The Bus
This Saturday morning educational children's TV series, was among the highest-rated PBS shows for school-age children it lasted for 4 great seasons, till now. Will you get your kids into watch this show like most did back then.
80KIX DEMON Kickball Invitational
Saturday July 29th, 9am till 6pm.The 4th Annual 80KIX Dumas Kickball Invitational in Dumas, TX. 
Non-Profit Origination Sponsoring: Kaitlyn Deleon
This Weekend is the Tri-State Reptile Expo LLC
Do you know what a Chuckwalla is? Neither do I, this weekend you could find out what that is, or even take home an animal. You will be able to see and learn out about so many snakes and amphibians at the Tri-State Reptile Expo.
Memes are too Powerful!
The internet can either make you or break you. Its like a domino it only takes a few shares to make something go viral. Remember Gangnam Style from PSY and even the "Catch Me Outside How bout that" girl from Dr. Phil, thank you internet. Now days its a meme that will take the world…
Good Burger 2 Will It Finally Be Made
From series 'All That' Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, had Good Burger growing in popularity on the show, but in In 1997 Nickelodeon wanted them to be on the big screen. Big hit for the movie, but no sequel was ever made over the years. Then on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show they reunited for sketch…

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