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Which New NBA Video Games Will Be Better This Year?
When it comes to having the best game, someone out there is trying to make a even better one. Now do you remember NBA Live, been around for years since the Sega's Dreamcast. They were the top crop game for everyone to get, But till 2K came out with their version of an NBA game, it change everyt…
Which Super Hero Would You Want Protecting Amarillo?
Imagine driving down 40 and you look over in the direction of downtown. In the middle of the city skyline, you see Stark Tower. How about this, you're shopping at the Westgate Mall and you look up to see the Bat Signal? It would be crazy to walk down Polk Street on a Friday night and see S…
Snoop Dogg With Some Words Of Wisdom For Rob Kardashian On Video {NSFW}
In the world of Hollywood a Kardashian is back in the news. This time its not any of the women its the son Rob, with his wife Blac Chyna. Drama has hit the fan between both. Social media is on a frenzy, for instance Snoop Dogg added his two cents to the situation on his Instagram account yesterday.
Congratulations Stephanie Tucker
If you have been to an Amarillo Venom game then you might have seen a fast blur bolt by you as you were making your way to your seat. That blur is one of the busiest and hard working ladies in sports. Her name is Stephanie Tucker.
Firefighter Changes His Name
An Ohio Military Firefighter Scott Edward Nall legally changed his name to Optimus Prime. He said that when he was 30 he wanted to do something outlandish. So he changed his name. "Transformers: The Last Knight" opens tonight.
Top Of Texas Wrestling: Cage Inferno
Not only will you be seeing some great in ring action, The Beautiful Women from the Paper Dollz Salon will be at the Wrestleplex at 11 am to help wash your car! Plus there will be a Food and a Gaming tournament. So much to do for the whole family...

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