People Were Asked What Their Fave Cereal Is And The Result Is BOGUS recently asked 500,000 people to name their favorite breakfast cereal of all time.  Read on for the top 10.  I haven't heard of half of these.
My personal Top 5:

Frosted Flakes
Cap'n Crunch With Crunchberries
Honey Bunches of Oats
Golden Grahams

Cold cereal was…
Are You A Craft Beer Snob?
Today is National Beer Drinking Day.  Budweiser recently asked 2,000 Americans their views on beer.  Read on for the results of the poll.
Restaurant Adds Breakfast Ravioli To Its Menu
A New York restaurant recently added 'breakfast ravioli' to its menu. LaRina Pastificio & Vino is offering Black Pepper Raviolone, with bacon, poached eggs and smoked spaghetti carbonara. For non-meat eaters, Chef John Fraser is rolling out vegetarian and meat-free breakfast raviol…
I’d Rather Have Pizza Than A Raise
Author Dan Ariely says pizza can improve people's work performances. He conducted a study among factory workers. They were offered free pizza, cash bonuses and compliments if they hit their goals.

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