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Could We Have A White Christmas In The Texas Panhandle This Year?
Christmas is right around the corner being exactly one hundred and eight days left. We usually always get snow in the area during winter with chances of it up till April. Like it did last year, no snow till almost Easter . So to the many people who enjoyed a white Christmas. Does it feel like we wil…
The Magic School Is Back With Ms. Frizzle And The Bus
This Saturday morning educational children's TV series, was among the highest-rated PBS shows for school-age children it lasted for 4 great seasons, till now. Will you get your kids into watch this show like most did back then.
Three Day Weekend For AISD And Others for Labor Day
Amarillo Independent School District has no school this Labor Day, like every year. This year the 4th of September is the day off for students and others. Some parents have made plans to go out of town this holiday weekend, so school will return back on Tuesday the 5th.
Funny Drive-Thru Prank As A Zombie [VIDEO]
Halloween as for most people it's the time of year to dress up or to get your kids dress up to go out in trick or treat. Also it's the one day  when you can freak someone out in the dark dressed as Jason. To make them use #1 on themselves.
(Despacito Parody) Sesame Street: El Patito {VIDEO}
Despacito will live on forever, in the music world. Almost 4 Billion views on YouTube, we just can't get enough of it! Everywhere you hear it, but this worldwide song is so big that people are making parody's(making fun of) of the song.
Some Water Wise Tips To Help Keep Your Water Bill Down
Most of the year has been dry, but like that rain has came these past few days. So most of us reading this won't be seeing people and businesses water their grass. The water wise of Amarillo team have ways to keep your water bill down.

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