Jubal’s Phone Tap: Tainted Fish
Usually, you get bad news from the doctor. But today this guy is getting bad news from Jubal because he shouldn’t have eaten that fish he purchased from the grocery store and now things are gonna get bad.
Yellow City 3 (YC3) Comic Con Recap
Ever been to a Comic Con? If you answered no, that means next year you need to go on out to the Yellow City Comic Con or YC3 for short. This year was a great show that lasted for three days inside the civic center.
Memes are too Powerful!
The internet can either make you or break you. Its like a domino it only takes a few shares to make something go viral. Remember Gangnam Style from PSY and even the "Catch Me Outside How bout that" girl from Dr. Phil, thank you internet. Now days its a meme that will take the world…
Getting Revenge On A Women For Her Dog’s Smelly Business
This is a story that is flying around the internet, still unknown if it really did take place. A passenger's revenge story: On the Delta airlines flight from LA to Tokyo. A Guy was flying business class, and on his way to the gate he notice a lady's dog was doing " its business&am…

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