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The Impact of the Government Shutdown on Texas
The Government has shutdown. They couldn't come to an agreement so it has shutdown. This affects many people, especially those in our military. Our military personnel still have to report and do their jobs, but they won't be collecting a paycheck. Many other government employees are sh…
The Thing You Do Everyday is Turned 25
The first time this happened was in December of 1992.
We text each other every day. The first text message was sent from an engineer in England from his computer to his friend's cell phone. The message said "Merry Christmas". It was the first text message ever sent...
This Yoga Can Really Make You Look Younger
A new study found that certain face exercises can build up the muscles in your face.
A '90s workout called "Facercise" went viral a few years back.  It was supposed to make you look younger.  But it might actually work.
A study found certain "face yoga&quo…
The #1 Valentine’s Day Candy in Texas
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the gifts. Usually the gifts contain some sort of candy element. has released the most popular candy of each state.
The Perfect Valentine’s Gift
You have this wonderful person in your life. Valentine's Day is coming up and you want to get them a unique gift, because you want to let them know that they are super special. That or your sweetheart has everything and you need something they don't have and you need to find that perfect…

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