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This Might Be Your Dream Job for 2018
If you need a new job for the new year. Check this out.
Oscar Mayer is taking applications right now for its next group of Weinermobile Drivers. They're looking people with a PR or marketing background who can start in June and work for a year, driving coast to coast...
Why Don’t We Have These For Our Jobs in the U.S.
Get ready to want to work for another country when you read some of these work perks.
1. In Europe, you can refuse to work more than 48 hours a week.  Your boss can't schedule you for more than 48 hours a week unless you say it's okay. That means he doesn't have to pay you either.…
How Often Do You Get New Underwear
When do you throw out a pair of underwear?  If you said "Only when it has too many holes for me to count" listen up.
You should throw away your underwear every YEAR . . . or it becomes a health risk.
Even though you're washing them after you wear them...

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