Ghosts – Are They Real Or Not? [Video]
Halloween is roughly 3 and half weeks away and  this video was freaking people out, they were saying there is a ghost in their house. The question is do you believe in this or even ghosts?
Walmart Is Stepping Up The Online Experience
Recently I gone to the DFW to see family and while there I had to go see my sister at work. She works at a Wal-mart and she has been wanting to show me the new toy she is learning to run and teach others.
6214 W 34th Is Where We Got Started At
We live in a world that is run by technology, paying your bills online, shopping online from clothes to trips, even reading this blog I wrote is online thanks for a computer. Wonder where some of the big name business where thought up at? Dell was an idea thought up in a little dorm room in 1984.
Which New NBA Video Games Will Be Better This Year?
When it comes to having the best game, someone out there is trying to make a even better one. Now do you remember NBA Live, been around for years since the Sega's Dreamcast. They were the top crop game for everyone to get, But till 2K came out with their version of an NBA game, it change everyt…
The Magic School Is Back With Ms. Frizzle And The Bus
This Saturday morning educational children's TV series, was among the highest-rated PBS shows for school-age children it lasted for 4 great seasons, till now. Will you get your kids into watch this show like most did back then.
Funny Drive-Thru Prank As A Zombie [VIDEO]
Halloween as for most people it's the time of year to dress up or to get your kids dress up to go out in trick or treat. Also it's the one day  when you can freak someone out in the dark dressed as Jason. To make them use #1 on themselves.
(Despacito Parody) Sesame Street: El Patito {VIDEO}
Despacito will live on forever, in the music world. Almost 4 Billion views on YouTube, we just can't get enough of it! Everywhere you hear it, but this worldwide song is so big that people are making parody's(making fun of) of the song.
Are You Ready For The #mcgregorchallenge
Over the summer the talk has been about Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather fight, which they been on tour promoting their fight, which is only a few weeks away on August 26th.

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