Hey your looking for a way to save money and eat cheap in Amarillo right?  Well I gotta Monday deal that you don't want to overlook!


I found some tasty burgers for only 99 cents!

I'm not talking about your $1 menu cheeseburger's either!

These are real, 100% beef patty, full sized hamburgers for less than you pay on a $1 menu and no pink slime!

Next Monday, stop by this little burger joint in the South Lawn Shopping Center at 46th & Washington called Go Burger!

If you like hamburgers, you're going to love Go Burger!

There's something about eating a burger from a burger shack, they just seem to have more flavor!


Well taste the difference for yourself and do it for only 99 cents!


Monday's Cheap Eats Special, Go Burger!


Give them a call if you want and place your order ahead!  806-353-6000