Yesterday at the home of Lindsay Lohan around 6:30pm, an older gentleman showed up demanding to speak to the actress.  Lindsay naturally freaked the hell out and called the cops.

Law enforcement officers say the man began knocking on her door, like the crack head she is, she was probably posted up at the window peering through the blinds at the man long before he even made it to the door, but I digress.

Lindsay asked the man (through the door) what he wanted, and he said he needed to speak with her.  She asked the man to leave, but he refused and demanded that she open the door and talk with him.

Well the po'-leese arrived to the home in Venice Beach and arrested the man for trespassing.

The suspect is still in custody, and TMZ being the crack team of investigators there are, got pics of the incident if you wanna see the man being arrested.

That kinda makes you think, how was TMZ there so fast?  You know who I think the real stalkers are here?  The paparazzi!