I am all for helping people eat, especially kids.  I love donating to the High Plains Food Bank or Snak Pak for Kids, and I'm even in favor of government assistance.  Although I think everyone deserves to eat, I do feel that some people abuse the help. 

I was given this picture this morning of a grocery receipt.  It was all paid for by food stamps.  As you see, whoever was grocery shopping bought nothing but the finest-Cold Water Lobster and Porterhouse Steaks, and of course diet mountain dew.

$141.78 spent on what seems to be one meal.  Now I understand that they are allowed to spend their food stamps on whatever they'd like, but if I needed help to put food on the table, I'd be a little more thrifty.  I'd make sure that I bought enough food to last all month, not blow $141.78 on one meal.

The problem I have with this is that I work very hard to put groceries on the table.  I do not get any assistance and I am proud that I am able to provide.  I don't get to eat lobster tails or porterhouse steaks.

This isn't the first time I've seen someone abuse government assistance.  I once lived next to this lady who got food stamps.  And every month when they came in, she would throw a huge barbeque.  Nothing but ribs, steaks, fajitas, the best cuts of meat you could get.  She would spend most of her food stamps to do this every month, then her kids would be hungry towards the end of the month.

I think that is selfish!  The food stamps are given to you to make sure your family eats, not so you can have a party with lobster tails and steaks.

Do you think I'm taking this to far or do you agree that people abuse their food stamps?  Please take our poll below.