If you are from Amarillo or grew up around here, then Toot n Totum is a familiar name and sight. They are all over. Now they are gearing up to open a Toot n Totum in downtown Amarillo.

With all the talk of renovation, it was only a matter of time before downtown was blessed with a convenience store.  It only makes sense.  Many people travel through Amarillo by way of downtown.  Gas, potty breaks, and snacks are a good reason to stop.  Well now they can stop it downtown Amarillo.

Toot n Totum officials presented a proposal to the Downtown Urban Design Review Board to open a store downtown.  The store would be built on 10th Avenue between Pierce and Buchanan and would contain a gas station.

On Monday, the board discussed it.  And after much talk between the board, TNT officials and the public a vote was cast.  The board approved the proposal with a 6:3 vote.

Now that it is approved, the next step is for the board to sign a Certificate of Appropriateness

.  Once this is done, the contractor can apply for building permits.  There is no official word on when construction will begin, but I don't see it being to far away.

I, personally, think it is a good idea to have a convenience store downtown.  What do you think?  Are you excited to have a Toot N Totum in downtown Amarillo?