In today’s society, parents try harder to be their child’s friend rather than parent. But when is it crossing the line? Do you think it is ok for parents to allow their teenagers to have sex in their home? Some parents do.

Growing up I never even imagined having sex in my mother’s home! I would be too afraid of getting beat down. Boys were not allowed in our home unless my mom was there and knew everything about them including their parents. And even then, we were never allowed to be alone. And Boyfriends? Ummm no! That was not an option in our home.

My mom did, however, talk to us openly. She did a great job on talking to us about sex and the consequences. We knew all about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases; different kinds and their effects.

Growing up, a big emphasis was placed on education. So I never thought about sex as a teenager. All

that crossed my mind was getting into a good college. But things have definitely changed. In today’s society it is normal to hear tons young kids talking about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. And not to mention teen pregnancies.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, from ABC’s The View, recently sat down with a panel of parents and a panel of teens to get their take on sex in the home. I was shocked to see that some parents allow their teens to have sex in their home. They say it is cleaner and safer.

The teens, however, weren’t too enthused. They said is would be awkward with their parents having knowledge. But what really got to me was what the girls said. They said it would be harder to say no to the pressure of sex. They use their parents as an excuse not to do it, but if the parents are allowing it then the pressure is more intense.

When I heard this segment, I was floored. So I started asking around the office to get other people’s opinion. I got a mixed reaction. Some people were “absolutely not” and then some said “its no big deal” or “I did.”

So I would like to hear from you. Did your parents allow you to have sex in their home as a teenager? Will you or are you allowing your teens to have sex in your home?