With today's technology, its easy to send and receive pictures through you phone.  This has led to the big 'sexting' craze, sending you significant other naughty pictures.  But have you ever sent the picture to the wrong person?

Sexting has taken on a life of its own.  Pictures get leaked or sometimes even sent to the wrong person.  But you wouldn't believe who accidentally gets the sexting messages.

According to a recent survey, one in seven people accidentally send a dirty text to the wrong person.  There are four people who commonly get these messages by mistake  With a friend being the most frequent and a family members coming in 4th.

 A Friend

If there is a friend you text all the time, you might accidentally send them the dirty pic or text out of texting habit.

An Ex

More than one in four people who've sexted the wrong person accidentally sent it to their EX instead of their current partner.

A Co-Worker

Things might get a little awkward!

A Family Member

That's where 9% of accidental sexts went.  Gross!

While most of the people who sext the wrong person apologize, 39% of the time they just ignore it and hope the other person doesn't mention it.  And 9% of the time, they lie and pretend to meant to sext person.

The problem I see with it is, mistake or not someone has a picture of you naked!  If you do sext, double check who you are sending it to!