Wow!  MTV sure knows how to pick their stars.  First Teen Mom Amber Portwood is thrown in jail and now Jersey Shore's Snooki is being sued.

Once Jersey Shore became a hit, some of the cast began capitalizing on their new found fame.  Which I don't blame them.  Reality TV stars fame is usually limited.  Well Snooki took off and started putting out Snooki slippers, perfumes and other guidette merchandise.

Well her partner in the whole merchandising business, SRG Ventures, is now suing the pint size star for $7 million.  They are claiming that Snooki sabotaged the entire deal by working with other companies behind their backs.

Can you imagine a Jersey Shore cast member doing something shady?  Of course we can.  Their mentality is me, me, me! I mean if she will get drunk and show all her lady parts on TV, then she will do just about anything for money.

The problem started back in October when Ms. Polizzi filed a suit to end the contract she had with SRG, stating they did not fill their duties of getting her the most money and branding partnerships.  Well with every action there is a reaction and this counter suit is the proof.

I'm sure she already has her lawyers on it.  But it will still be funny to see it play out.  And in case you are a fan, the new season of Jersey Shore is set to begin on January 5,2012.