So we received lots of letters for the Christmas Wish List this year and we will be reading the letters this Friday all day on Kiss Fm and with a huge response from some of our sponsors especially the Marines. We are able to help out with all the letters we received this year and them some! So check this out if you were still interested in nominating someone to the Christmas Wish List we have a few more last minute spaces available. This is what you have to do:

Do you know someone like a co-worker,friend or family that might need a little extra help for Christmas? This is what you have to do. Type up your story on who you would like to nominate for the “Wish List”. Please make the story at least a PAGE long. The story must contain YOUR contact info & the person your nominating contact info as well. This is a must. Also we need names and why you are nominating them,what kind of struggles have they been going thru, and what you suggest on how we can HELP. If it’s a family your nominating please let us know how many kids they have and there ages. Please DO NOT tell the person\persons you are nominating them for “Kiss Fm’s Christmas Wish List” we want this to be a surprise. Another little advice make these letters very HEART WARMING, something that’s gonna make me cry when I read it. We are not guaranteeing that your story will be picked but it will be looked at for sure. We can’t grant all the wishes but we will try to grant as many wishes as we can.

Please send tonight deadline will be 8 pm on Thursday Dec 22, 2011

You can email your story to :