Imeh Akpanudosen, Getty Images

Mariah Carey joins the club of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions in the form of a tiny nip slip in a strapless dress she wore to the So So Def 20th Anniversary in Atlanta over the weekend.  Now, if you ask me, this thing barely qualifies as a wardrobe malfunctions, but desperate people everywhere are dying to see MeMe's goodies, so I hope you know how to zoom in because you're gonna need to!

Last night on American Idol, she was wearing a pretty similar dress, with her chesticles just bulging out and she's lucky it didn't happen again!  Lots of tape folks, lots of tape!

Anyways, on stage at the Saturday night event, she raised her hands up a little bit, and her strapless dress slipped down just enough to give a small glimpse. Now the photo is making the Internet rounds.

The photo itself is actually safe for work looking at it up till you've zoomed into it to about 25%, then it becomes NSFW, but it's just a tiny little bit of her nipple sticking out you can really barely make it out.  Really not worth trying, but if you're interested, hit the link below.