News comes from 2 very concerned parents of a missing girl in Amarillo, TX and your help is needed!  Hannah Snow, age 19, went missing while taking out the trash, and rumors of possible foul play have been expressed.

Hannah's mom posts today on Facebook:

"AT 1200PM ON 1/09/2013 OUR DAUGHTER TOOK THE TRASH DOWN AND VANISHED;pleas help us find her the police believe her to be kidnapped. Shes a good girl she doesnt drink,smoke,party or anything. she goes to ballet and comes home. my number is 8064639488"

We've also been informed by sources that Hannah was believed to have been seen today in a red Honda Civic, swerving down Amarillo streets, in a matter like she was trying to escape someone or fight someone off.

Her name is Hannah Snow, she's a white female age 19, and was last seen by her parents just before she vanished in the 27th & Georgia area of town.

Her mother tells me that Amarillo Police can not file a missing report because Hannah allegedly called them and said she wasn't kidnapped, but Hannah's mother reads this as a bad sign, like it was something she was forced to do and fears that she was kidnapped by someone she knows, a guy that was obsessed with Hannah, who just so happens to drive a red Honda Civic!

Even if Hannah has decided that she doesn't want to live with her parents anymore, her mom is still concerned.  As I talked to her mother I could just feel the pain, she just wants to know that her baby isn't dead, that she's okay and not injured or in any danger, that's it!  You can truly understand her mom's concern, so please if you know any details of Hannah Snow's whereabouts, call 806-463-9488