You know, a prince, should have a prince package!  So when this news hit, Prince Harry's line of women had some shrinkage, no pun intended!  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills "star" Lisa Vanderpump had some comments to make about the photos of the prince and his man parts.

She was out in Beverly Hills when a photographer asked her if she had seen the pictures of Prince Harry, she hadn't because all she searches on the Internet is stories about herself, because she's a "star" and all that.

So TMZ's stalker, I mean paparazzi guy showed her the pictures, and she had a good laugh at them!

TMZ Reports:

So our camera guy showed them to her on his phone -- and Lisa replied, "I need a magnifying glass to see that! Hold on, let me get my glasses."

Once she got a good look, Lisa handed the phone back in disbelief, saying, "That's not a ROYAL penis!"

Hey a mans parts are only as good as the man behind it!  I highly doubt a woman with the last name Vanderpump has ever been "pumped" by anyone of royalty.  You gotta have a base line comparison in order to, well, have a comparison!

Good job TMZ!  Your crack team of experts just solved another one of life's great mysteries!