My mom was in town last week to visit. When it was time for her to fly back home she took my 8-year-old son with her. My mom is in her 60’s and my son has lots of energy. He can be a handful. So, I was a little nervous about her trying to manage their bags, jump from one terminal to another plus keep an eye on him. But my Mom is a pro. Before she left she put together a battle plan that worked flawlessly. I had to share it with you.



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    Pack A Bag Of Surprises

    She put together a small lunch bag full of little things he can play with on the plan. Things like brain teasers, crayons, stickers and a coloring book. He had lots to keep him busy.

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    Most flights give you pretzels and a drink. But you can make your little one way happier if you have their favorites in your bag. Most airlines have rules about bringing in outside drinks. Most snacks like Twizzlers, Goldfish, and popcorn are ok.

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    Bring A Tablet

    Mom made sure his favorite games and videos were loaded on his Ipad. She also made sure it was fully charged and that he had his charger. Oh, headphones are good too.

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    A Pillow And A Blanket

    Little ones get tired. For those long flights, a pillow and blanket can help. Especially if they have a "blankey" that is their favorite.

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    Have A Tag On Them In Case They Get Lost

    Placing a small tag on the child's pants or jacket makes it easier to find you if you get separated from your child. You want to make sure you put your name and cell phone number on the tag. This way airport authorities can call you over the PA system or just call your cell phone.

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