A Trip Across The Newly Built I-27 Interchange Bridge
As you know our city is getting one big makeover at one time. Streets getting repaved, bridges getting rebuilt and the I-40 being expanded. One of the many projects going on in the city, is the I-27 interchange bridge. Finally after about 2 years it has opened up for us to drive on.
(Despacito Parody) Sesame Street: El Patito {VIDEO}
Despacito will live on forever, in the music world. Almost 4 Billion views on YouTube, we just can't get enough of it! Everywhere you hear it, but this worldwide song is so big that people are making parody's(making fun of) of the song.
Some Water Wise Tips To Help Keep Your Water Bill Down
Most of the year has been dry, but like that rain has came these past few days. So most of us reading this won't be seeing people and businesses water their grass. The water wise of Amarillo team have ways to keep your water bill down.
Where To Go For Them Fireworks, Last Day To Buy Is The Fourth Of July!
OK, its that time of the year again where for a week you hear fireworks going off all around the neighborhood. Yes I've heard it on my side of town and you know it is going to be going on for another week. This is the Fourth of July, showing America pride. The question is where do we get these …
First you watch it, then you die. The Ring!
Rings: "A couple makes a horrifying discovery: there is a "movie within the movie" that no one has ever seen before". this will be the third movie of the The Rings franchise. Hitting theaters February 3, 2017. So in efforts for a big opening for the movie, an electronic store had…