Foods That Can Make You Smell
If you can’t find a deodorant that can keep you smelling ok throughout the day, it might be time change what you eat.
Here are six foods that can make you smell bad.

Red meat. The body has a hard time digesting red meat. It also leaves residue in your digestive tract, which mixes with …
Will 2012 Be A Cold Winter?
You're hearing it from everyone, everywhere you go, Winter 2012 will be ugly, cold and packed with more snow than we've seen in 20 years or so!  I'm no meteorologist, but I have my doubts.  Why?  Because I hear this every single year!  Take last year for example, it was steaming hot in Texas and the…
The Guiltiest Dogs on The Web [VIDEOS]
Is there anything sadder than a guilty dog? Especially one that's just gotten his or her nose figuratively "rubbed in it?"
Here are some adorably pathetic dogs who don't even need to be disciplined because they've already punished themselves enough.