Hotel Infested With Bed Bugs [VIDEO]
The hotel Astor On The Park in Manhattan, New York has a bed bug infestation and now the video is going viral. After watching this video should make you wanna double check your beds before you sleep on them.
News Reporter Gets Attaked By Huge Cicadas On Live TV
A news reporter was trying to do a live shot when all of a sudden a swarm of Cicadas try to attack her. Cicadas are part of the species of Tettigarctidae family and usually found in southern Australia. They are not dangerous and matter of fact some people eat them as a delicacy. Thi...
The Weirdest Crap I Found On Reddit Today
If you're not familiar with Reddit, it's a social news site that hosts all kinds of weird, interesting, and sometimes totally messed up stuff that people post from around the world. You can find breaking news stories, funny jokes, humorous pictures, weird photos, and some other things that…
16 Breathtaking Photos of Ladybugs
Continuing our unofficial "Stop Being Afraid of Insects" series, here are 16 pictures of ladybugs. Granted, most people aren't afraid of ladybugs, but they've probably never seen that video of a ladybug taking off in super-slow motion. Or had a house infested with them. They can be pretty …
Florida Man Dies After Roach Eating Contest
Eating a big ol’ juicy bug is one of those things a guy’s gotta do at least once in his life. It’s like drinking bull testicle beer--a one-time-BAM-done kind of deal that’s a true testament to one’s manhood.