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5 Best Date Ideas For Christmas Fun in Amarillo
It seems that the holiday season brings out the romantic side in all of us. If you have a significant other, you want to enjoy cozy nights cuddled up on the couch together as often as possible. There are so many fun things to do in Amarillo around this time of year, though, that you can't pass …
The Best Christmas Lights In Amarillo [PHOTOS]
Now that Christmas is on it's way, more and more houses are decorating their houses with beautiful decorations and lights.  Nothing lights up your face more than seeing a house fully decorated.  Last night I drove around and took a few pictures to share with you.
This House Has Serious Christmas ‘Gangnam Style’
John Storm is a lucky man. Most people who move into a new neighborhood and promptly set up an insane Christmas light show set to 'Gangnam Style' would not be very popular. His neighbors, however, think it's kind of impressive to meet a real-life Clark Griswold. We think it's kin…
Party Rock Anthem Halloween House
Man this is the coolest house I have ever seen! These are some Halloween fanatics decorating there whole house with all these lights that go to the song Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.