7 & 8th Avenues Now Two-Way
The City of Amarillo's traffic division has completed the change of 7th and 8th avenues to two-way traffic between Buchanan to Fillmore. These changes have been made to facilitate traffic movement in the area of the new downtown parking garage and Xcel Headquarters...
Amarillo Gets A New Landmark Downtown
Amarillo is known for a lot of great landmarks and places.  We have Cadillac Ranch, the Big Texas, Palo Duro Canyon in Canyon.  A piece of history was restored a few years ago when the Paramount sign went back up in Downtown Amarillo. We recognize the big heart monument downtown.  Wel…
New Hotel In Downtown Amarillo Revealed
A new hotel to stand six stories high with 226 rooms begging to be filled and misused in downtown Amarillo was revealed today.  Amarillo City Hall stuffed by members of the Downtown Redevelopment Board had their eyes titillated by a peep show of the new hotel's design.

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