Where To Hide The Goods
Santa is able to hide the kid's presents in his workshop. But how about us parents? Where is a good spot to hide your kiddos Christmas presents?
Best Mother’s Day Ideas In Amarillo: Angel’s Top 4
Mother's day falls on May 8th and it will be here before you know it.  So it is time to start making plans.  Of course, you can ask her what she wants but you already know what she's going to say: 'I would just like to spend the day with all my kids."  Ok, so s…
Send Your Holiday Packages Before These Deadlines
It's only nine days until Christmas! While it's exciting for those of us with presents already wrapped and sitting comfortably under the tree, it's overwhelming for everyone who needs to send gifts to far-away destinations.
Here are the deadlines for sending holiday packages...
Five Things Parents Shouldn’t Buy Their Kids for Graduation
Graduation is a huge right of passage for any kid.  However, when it comes to graduation presents, some parents tend to go over the top.  I got a computer for my graduation, which I used all the time in college.  That was a practical gift.  Here are five presents parents shouldn&…

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