Phone Tap: J.Lo Needs A Room
Jubal calls a woman who works at a front desk at a hotel. The hotel is fully booked but that won’t stop Jubal from trying to secure a room for his A-List client, maybe you’ve heard of her... Jennifer Lopez.
Hotel Infested With Bed Bugs [VIDEO]
The hotel Astor On The Park in Manhattan, New York has a bed bug infestation and now the video is going viral. After watching this video should make you wanna double check your beds before you sleep on them.
Here Is The Vine Of The Day!
When you stay in a hotel or motel or any kind of resort, do you sometimes take the stuff out the rooms? Maybe the little soaps or even the cups, maybe even a pillow like this guy in this vine!
Lindsay Lohan Banned From Chateau Marmont Hotel On Sunset Strip

Lindsay Lohan shows us her classy act again in the form of a ban from the Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Strip after an unpaid bill of over $46,000.  She racked up the bill in the months of June & July but never paid, and now she's not even welcome back to pay the debt created.  On a side note,…

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