Who Sings It Best SoMo or J. Cole [Video]
Last week we ask you to tell us, who sang it better R. Kelly or SoMo.  The song was Ignition and R. Kelly killed it with votes.  This week the battle is on SoMo or J. Cole.  Take a listen and tell us what you think.
Will J. Cole Top the Charts with ‘Cole World’?
Not so long ago, J. Cole was just another budding rapper hoping for a shot at the big time. In fact, his first meeting with his future mentor and label boss Jay-Z occurred when he brushed past the hip-hop icon on the street, failing to get his attention.
Now, of course, all that persistence has paid …
Another Celebrity Sex Tape – This One Starring Rihanna?
I usually read these kind of stories and just shrug them off. To many times has the public been mislead over a false celebrity sex tape. This time however, Hustler is making the claim to having it in their possession, and they've never lied before. Now I don't know who J-Cole is but I p…