Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore’s JWoww Gets Engaged
It seems like only yesterday the world was introduced to a house full of party animals.  Now one by one they are settling down.  Jwoww and her boyfriend of over two years are engaged!
Bikini-Only Salon is New Star of Jersey Shore
Everything is better in Jersey. Need proof? The dirty Jerz is home to the world’s largest statue of a tooth and the most diners in the world. Just when the state couldn’t possibly get any better, along comes Jeff Wulkan of Long Branch. This entrepreneur took to the in…
The Worst Commercials Starring the ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast
After five painfully long seasons, ‘Jersey Shore‘ will begin its sixth and final season this fall. Maybe it’s because Snooki had a baby and things are starting to get real. Maybe it’s because the ratings have started dropping and show no signs of stopping. Or maybe it’s because this show is terrible…

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