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No, She’s Not A Clutz
Gwen Stefani did her thang on roller skates in her commercial during the Grammy's.  She fell on her backside in the video.  However, she claims that was a "stunt double" and not her.  She DID fall in rehearsal, though.
The name of the song is "Make Me Li…
Jimmy Kimmel Is A Genius
What happens when The Jimmy Kimmel Show asks ordinary people about Kimye's newborn son's name?  HILARITY!  Check it out!
Yes, Melissa McCarthy Almost Died At a Dry Cleaners
Starting off in Hollywood is rarely a glamorous endeavor -- rather, it's one the requires hard work, patience, and a handful of really bad side gigs meant to supplement a budding star's cash flow until they hit the big time. Melissa McCarthy might be one of our biggest stars, but McCarthy …
How Daniel Radcliffe Went Undercover at Comic-Con 2014
Daniel Radcliffe hit up Comic-Con this past weekend to promote his new film, 'Horns,' but the 'Harry Potter' star was determined to have some fun away from the glare of the spotlight. Fortunately, the charming star was in the right place for that, and he did it quite handily...by…

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