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No, She’s Not A Clutz
Gwen Stefani did her thang on roller skates in her commercial during the Grammy's.  She fell on her backside in the video.  However, she claims that was a "stunt double" and not her.  She DID fall in rehearsal, though.
The name of the song is "Make Me Li…
Jimmy Kimmel Is A Genius
What happens when The Jimmy Kimmel Show asks ordinary people about Kimye's newborn son's name?  HILARITY!  Check it out!
Yes, Melissa McCarthy Almost Died At a Dry Cleaners
Starting off in Hollywood is rarely a glamorous endeavor -- rather, it's one the requires hard work, patience, and a handful of really bad side gigs meant to supplement a budding star's cash flow until they hit the big time. Melissa McCarthy might be one of our biggest stars, but McCarthy …

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