Battle of the Dads: The Dad Joke Off
96.9 Kiss-FM's D.B. Nyce challenges fellow dad Charlie, from Mix Mornings with Lori and Charlie on Mix 94.1 to a "Dad Joke Off". Which of these radio DJ dads is the best at telling "Dad Jokes".
Phone Tap: Jerry The Tooth Fairy Is Back
“Jerry the Tooth Fairy” is back! Jerry is a 42-year-old guy who loves acting like the tooth fairy and he’s got his eye on a new neighbor to welcome to the community. Talk about creepy.
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Son Pulls-Off Funniest Prank On Mom [VIDEO]
This is the funniest prank i've seen in awhile. This is a cool app on your phone where it looks like you have a pair of clippers in your hands and when you put it to someones head it makes it sound like you buzzed a chunk of hair off their head...
Awesome Pizza Rat Prank [VIDEO]
Haha...This is hilarious and didn't take much to pull off. Just a remote control car, fake rat, and a slice of pizza. Peoples reaction got me cracking up!
Credit: PrankvsPrank
Fisherman Catches Drone While Filming Video
Either this guy was jokingly doing it, or this fisherman was doing it out of hatred. While fishing off a Pierre this guy thought it would be funny to cast his line towards a drone that was flying around the area. The drone was just catching great video of the area when all of a sudden the drone gets…

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