Missing California Teen Found In Amarillo
Today (June 30) around noon, a Potter County Deputy pulled over a white Dodge pick-up and ran its license plates. The plates came back as being owned by a California resident who was wanted in a kidnapping charge.
Amber Alert Issued From Lubbock, Texas
An Amber Alert was issued around 6:30 a.m. this morning out of Lubbock,Texas. With Lubbock being only a couple hours away, we definitely want to be on the look out for this vehicle.
Be on the look out for a 2002 tan Buick Rendevouz with the license plate numbers of: CZ7D889. Po...
Amarillo MAN Kidnapped And Assaulted
Yes, the title is correct, an Amarillo man was held against his will and basically tortured by 2 suspects.  The 22 year old victim claimed to have escaped from 2 men that had been holding him against his will, assaulting him and shooting him repeatedly in the head with a BB gun.  Officers,…