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More Construction Coming Our Way!
We still have to deal with construction, and it looks like more construction will be coming soon! Amarillo just received funding of $105.5 million for more work on roads.  Here's this week's construction update.
Another Popular Amarillo Street Going Under Construction
I really believe that the Amarillo goal for 2017 is to see how many roads and intersections they can have under construction.  Don't get me wrong, they are going to be nice when they are finished, but the construction all over the city is getting frustrating.  So with that said, here&…
More Road Construction Happening This Week in Amarillo
It seems that no matter where you go or where you turn in Amarillo, you are going to run into those orange cones.  It seems that all the roads in Amarillo are under construction.  Here are the areas you are going to want to avoid this week in your commutes.
I-40 Lanes Shrink From the Interchange to Grand Street
If you have traveled on I-40 either direction from the interchange to about Grand Street, you may have noticed that they are currently doing construction and have lanes closed on each side.  This is just one thing wreaking havoc on traffic in Amarillo.  Here's all your lane closures f…

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