Texas is One of the Best States for Teen Drivers
Putting your child behind the wheel of a car can be a frightening thing, especially for the first time. We just want to wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them safe. However, at some point in time when they turn 16 we have to let them spread their wings and drive. Luckily for us parents that live i…
Social Media Sites That All Parents Need To Know About
As a mom, I am so paranoid about everything.  I get especially worried anytime my son is on the Internet.  I came across an article and realized there are so many social media sites popping up everyday and here are some that all parents need to be aware of.
Great Summer Jobs for Teens in Amarillo
So school is out and you have a teenager trying to figure out what they are going to do all summer.   Yeah, they are dreaming of sleeping all day and staying up all night and you are thinking, hmm...maybe they could get a job.  Here's a list of great summer jobs for teens in Amar…

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