“All Eyes On Me” A Local Guy’s Movie Review
Music fans of all ages have heard of Tupac. A gifted lyricist rapper from the 90's, with his life being taken away at the age of 25 in 1996. After years and years of trying, a movie finally came to life to give you a look into Tupac's life.
The Surprise Viral Fan Collaborated Music Video
Two different generations, two different genre of music, a fan made remix. There are a lot of fan made remixes out there, but this one is turning heads. The music video has been floating around the internet for the past few weeks and gaining the love of many.
Amarillo Fans Of Tupac And Star Wars Will Like This! [Video]
***Warning, the video may be deemed NSFW due to foul language***
By now, you've no doubt seen that hologram of Tupac performing live in concert.  I think it's actually a pretty cool deal, and it opens up possibilities for many of us to re-live some of the greats in music.  Like Biggie or maybe The Be…
Tupac’s Friends Claim They Smoked His Ashes [VIDEO]
While Keith Richards now denies the well-circulated story that he snorted the ashes of his late father, members of the rap group The Outlawz had no problem owning up to the rumors that they mixed the cremated remains of Tupac Shakur with marijuana and smoked the concoction at a memorial service for …