Amarillo’s Top 10 TV Shows
After a long day or week, you know you like to unwind with your favorite show. Do you flip on the old DVR or log in to your favorite streaming service? No matter where you go for your show, here are the top 10 shows Amarillo loves.
Big Suddenlink Changes
Did you flip on our tv and notice that all your channels are gone or you can't find your favorite shows anymore?
Man Barely Escapes From Falling Glass [VIDEO]
Yikes! This is a crazy video and a very close call. A man from Saudi Arabia was walking down the street in when all of a sudden he had a close call with a falling glass that fell from a skyscraper. Luckily it just grazed the side of his body and didn't crush him. He ...
News Reporter Gets Attaked By Huge Cicadas On Live TV
A news reporter was trying to do a live shot when all of a sudden a swarm of Cicadas try to attack her. Cicadas are part of the species of Tettigarctidae family and usually found in southern Australia. They are not dangerous and matter of fact some people eat them as a delicacy. Thi...

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