Possible UFO Caught On Video In California [VIDEO]
A man from California starts recording off his phone as he sees a mysterious object flying through the skies of California. He claims it could be a UFO crashing and in the video you can see a flashing ball that looks like a orb fly out the tail end of the smoke. Was...
Amarillo UFO August 18th, 2014 [VIDEO]
Did you see this last night?  I know myself, along with many others watched this blue light dance around the sky of Amarillo for quite a while.  What is this?  Is this a UFO, or just an RC plane or helicopter?
Amarillo UFO, Government Cover Up Or Conspiracy?
Is there more to the recent UFO sighting in Amarillo?  Could it be a repeating occurrence?  Could the government be involved in a cover up or conspiracy?  I’ve spoken with an anonymous witness that says yes.  This person, who wishes to remain anonymous out pure fear of the government, gave me some i…
UFO Over An Australian Beach Caught On Video
This is some pretty decent UFO video footage caught on a Go Pro video camera over an Australian Beach.  The guy that captured the video didn't know he'd actually caught a UFO on video until he was back at home and checking out the videos he shot.  It's a UFO in broad dayligh…
Is This A UFO Over Amarillo? [PHOTO]
Did you see some strange lights over Amarillo this weekend?  You're not alone, we're not alone.  "They" tell us it's a weather balloon, but many have their own opinion as to what this strange light is.  Weather balloon or UFO?  YOU DECIDE!

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