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New Report Indicates Gamers Are Frequent Moviegoers As Well
While my Twitter mentions and my inbox’s spam folder have made it abundantly clear that video game enthusiasts do not like movie critics, by and large, they do like movies. The video gaming site Machinima (itself a property of Warner Bros., which is worth knowing) recently conducted a survey …
10 Best Christmas Video Games
Time off from work or school gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up on your gaming, so why not play a game that puts you in the Christmas spirit?
Video Game Live Coming To Globe News Center [VIDEO]
What do you get when you mix a little energy, rock, orchestra and video games? What you get is "Video Game Live!" It's a mixture of your favorite video games choreographed by a  symphony orchestra. The concert will be this Saturday August 1st, at the Globe News Center. Fu…
20 Most Anticipated Games of 2015
We're breaking out our 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2015 to prove that the future is looking bright, and these titles are more than likely going to live up to expectations.

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