We Have New Presidential Candidates Just in Time for Election 2016
The election is fast approaching on November 8th. America will elect a new president for the next four years, so don't forget!. We all need to go out and voice our opinion by voting. We have a few candidates up for president for the 2016 election, Donald Trump & Hillary Clinto…
You Must Have A Valid ID To Vote This Year
It's voting season in Texas. In fact, we're only one week away from Super Tuesday.  In order to vote this year, you must have an approved ID.  Read to find out what IDs are legal.
What is the Amarillo College Board Of Regents?
Here's some information for you: The Amarillo College Board of Regents is the governing body of the college. The board overseas the issues regarding education pertaining to the institution. A few candidates are seeking a position on the Amarillo College Board of Regents

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