Is This A Bad Idea When You Are Getting Married Again?
I was having this conversation with a friend who is planning on getting married. This will be his second marriage. After his first marriage, my friend was single for quite awhile. He found a woman who made him want to give marriage a second chance. So now he has a tough choice to make.
Second Date: Audrey and Justin (Vow Do Over)
Audrey and Justin met at a wedding. Audrey was a friend of the couple, and Justin was the videographer who MISSED the vows and had to ask the couple to re-do them in the middle of the ceremony. She felt bad for him and they hit it off, but why won't he call her back...
Best Wedding Proposal Ever [VIDEO]
This couple was on their flight back home when all of the sudden the co-pilot thought they were going on a emergency landing. After communicating via cb radio the couple were reading over emergency landing procedures not knowing it was all scripted by her soon to be husband. He ...

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