Treadmill Dancing With The Dancing Queen
I think I just found a new way to put the treadmill to use other then running on. Check out this lady from El Paso, Texas also know as Nicole Harris the "Dancing Queen".
She has been a YouTube sensation with her moves on the treadmill. It all started when Nicole injured her knee dur…
A Supermodel’s Workout
While genetics certainly play an important part in beautiful people being beautiful people, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it as well.  Case in point:  the video below is of professionally attractive person Erin Heatherton working out at Mushin MMA in Manhattan in anticipa…
Tommy The Hacker Takes On Zumba
So remember last-week I was talking about on the show. Would you date a guy who was obsessed with Zumba? Well had a lot of mixed phone calls some saying yes and others saying no .

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