The one question that tops most kids mind before hitting the streets on Halloween is "Where am I gonna get the most, and best candy?" This is a crucial decision, because if you don't choose wisely, you might end up with a bag full of tooth brushes and orange marshmallow peanuts. So, before you get the mask on, the bag out, and practice your best "Trick or Treat!", make sure you pick the best neighborhood to get your goodies this year. Click here to answer trivia about this post for more chances to win from KISS FM!

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    Sleepy Hollow Area

    While Sleepy Hollow is one of the nicer neighborhoods in town, as far as candy goes, not so great. I mean, the people are nice and there are a lot of houses with the lights on awaiting trick or treaters, it just seems that they care a little too much. Meaning that this is where most of your tooth brushes and peanut butter crackers come from. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but from a kid's perspective, not the prime place to get the "Good Stuff" in the candy department.

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    Austin Area

    The Austin Middle School area is an older part of town with some really nice houses, and the people there are known for doing some great halloween decorations and spooky houses for trick or treaters. The candy is normally handed out in droves, yet not normally the candy the kiddos want. Lolly pops and bubble gum mostly. A fun place to trick or treat and the people in the neighborhood make up for the handful of candy that normally stays in the bag till it ends up in the trash.

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    City View Area

    City View is a newish community in the southern part of Amarillo with some really nice houses normally bought by the younger families. While many of them are out on Halloween trick or treating with their kiddos, if you catch them at home, they delve out some great candy by the handfuls. We're talking Butterfingers and Snicker Bars from these people. The only catch is, you might have to wait until a little later in the evening, and catch them after they have taken their kids around the area.

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    Southlawn Area

    While Southlawn is not the most elaborate neighborhood and the majority of the neighborhood is filled with mediocre homes and working class folks, this area shells out TONS of great candy. It is not out of the realm that they drop a king size reeses peanut butter cup or Mr. Goodbar in the kiddos bags. Not a whole lot of decoration, but let's be honest, decoration is secondary to the candy. Right? If you want to walk away with TOP Shelf candy, you might want to hit a couple streets in this neighborhood.

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    Oakdale Area

    This neighborhood, while small and average, has some of the BEST Trick or Treating in town. Many people completely deck out their yards and driveways with halloween decorations and haunted driveways/entryways. Many people have the whole family dressed up and scaring you as you walk up to the house. You're likely to see 5 - 10 houses on one street decorated to the max. As far as candy goes, nothing but the best. Our experience is they hold out a bowl of the TOP SHELF candy and tell the kiddos to grab a handful. If you wanna have a blast trick or treating, take your kiddos through this neigborhood. It also doesn't hurt that our daughters 'Gammah' lives in this neighborhood and always tops off the bag until it's over-flowing.

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