So last-night Modern Warfare 3 was released at midnight. One of the most talked about games of the year. People waited for hours in line to get there first copy of it. Pre-order sales were already estimated with it making 3.5 million dollars just on pre-sales.

So with all the hype of this game brings a lot of angry people too.Not because they're waiting in lines for hours and not guaranteed to get a copy, but because for the next few days gamers are gonna consume hours of being glued to the T.V. I wouldn't be surprised if people call into work just to play the new Modern Warfare. There's gonna be many angry girlfriends or wives mad at there significant others because nothing is going to peel them away from that T.V! Unless? The game gets broken.

Did you guys see Jimmy Kimmel when he asked parents to video tape the telling there kids that they ate all of there Halloween candy. It was hilarious, kids were so upset! So how about this idea. I challenge you to hide a hidden camera or phone with a video camera on it, and get a fake disk or old video game like if it was the new Modern Warfare and act like you break it or smash it with a bat or maybe even toss it out the window (make-sure it's not the real game) and do it all in front of the owner of the video game. That would be EPIC!

What would they do would they get really angry or cry over Modern Warfare. So I challenge you to try to pull off this prank. For the best video sent in I will hook you up with a GREAT prize! Try this as soon as you can and be very creative, make sure you capture all the great video and reactions. Good luck and have fun with it!

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