Finding a job in the current economy can prove to be challenging, even in the Amarillo area. While, we haven't been quite as hurt by the jobless recovery, it can still be tough to find something that you really enjoy that has a decent future.

With technology advancing at a rate that is faster than business, some businesses can't keep up. Here is a list of jobs that have either become obsolete, or are definitely not what you might want as a 'long term' employment solution.

Client Services Representative - Yellowbook:

With this posting I have to ask only one question. When was the last time that you looked in a phonebook? I mean besides the coupon section.

Kennel Tech - Critter Camp:

By the title alone, it sounds to me like there would be a lot of spraying out poo filled cages. Maybe great for a high school or college kid, but not looking to making a career out of this one.

Exotic Dancer Auditions - 7901 I-40 East:

While this job might offer some decent money, it definitely comes with its share of undesirable fallbacks. The constant groping and propositioning. You must also take into account that there aren't a whole lot of 'Exotic Dancers' working at the age of 40+.

Home Warranty Shop & Errand Person - Johnny B Electric:

This sounds like a great job for a college student, but definitely sounds like there isn't much chance for advancement. Anytime there title of the job includes the words 'Errand Person', odds are it doesn't have a lucrative future.

Retail Store Manager - Love's Truck Stop:

This made the list for the simple reason that I have been in these truck stops and all I can say is, Holy Cow! Granted that these stops are crucial to the truckers that travel the country delivering all of the things that we use on a daily basis, but I can't see a huge future in the Love's business model.